Important days




National science day

National science day was on 28 february held by HARTECH NGO.  It was conducted in covent school the students also participated in this camp.It was celebrated on that day because the great scientist C.V.Raman effect was discovered on that day. By this reason in schools for students science methods are tought.

International child labour 

International child labour day was celebrated on april 30 in the influence of HARTECH NGO in jainath mandal the camp was held in this occasion rally was conducted.As per article 13 below 14 years child work under any company it is a crime. As hartech ngo tried to realize the child labour act is a illegal work in the society by using talking toy. Children should be in school not in   labour working areas.


National children day

We celebrate national children day to recall there rights in the society. we have to give there rights to them government high school in new housing board colony  camp was conducted every year Jawaharlal Nehru birthday have celebrate national children day.Chilren have many rights in society we should give them said by secretary naresh in camp.

National child labour day

Government  had implemented many rules for them said by hartech ngo general secretary kaddam naresh . On the occasion of  National child labour day a camp held to child including with there parents. Children should be educated and sent toschools not to be work in outside. If they are working it is a illegal work they have against law and to pay penality for it.



World children day

We celebrate world children day to recall there rights in the society. we have to give there rights to them government have constucted many schools for sc and st children. Street children should also be educated so hartech ngo general secretary Kaddam Naresh have stated. So by thios reason in adilabad rally was conducted.

Literacy day

Education is very important to our society hartech ngo general secretary Kaddam Naresh had said. As literacy day awerness camp was authorized in kamlapur govt high school. In this program students are also participated. By this occasion they conducted esay writing completion and gave prices to winners.