“It is no longer possible to be a good farmer and a good man”

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On the eve of the Indian National Congress’s (INC) congress, a new book titled “The Good Farmer’s Tale” (Hindustan Times, September 26, 2018) by Keshav Gopal, a former bureaucrat in the Ministry of Agriculture, was released in India.

The book, published by publisher and publisher’s imprint Puffin, claims that the “good farmer” is a man who knows the basics and who “knows what he wants and what he doesn’t want”.

It is a message of equality and harmony with the land.

The first part of the book is dedicated to the rural people.

It says that “farmers have been struggling for decades and in the past decades, they have lost the power to control their own destiny”.

The second part is about “good farmers” in a country where agriculture has been under a constant state of emergency.

The book says that farmers who are in a position to make their own choices, are free to do so.

Gopal argues that farmers have the right to choose how they use their land, which is why “good farming is not only about saving the land but also about saving themselves”.

The title of the novel, Gopal says, is a reference to “a simple, yet powerful slogan of Mahatma Gandhi, who had said: ‘If you work for a living, do not steal or abuse land.””

The farmer is the man who chooses to take charge of his own destiny,” the book claims.

Golly, I’m just happy to be working in the field, and not stealing or abusing land, Gopal says.

The writer of the story was inspired by his experience as a bureaucrat who worked in the Department of Rural Development (DRD) in the 1980s.

He left DRD to join the University of Oxford in 1987 and, after finishing his PhD, he went to work in the United States.

He is a recipient of the B.S. degree in economics from Harvard University, the M.


degree from Oxford University, and the Ph.

D. in economics and finance from Oxford.

He has written several books.

He is the author of several books about farming, including “Farmers’ Land” (2002) and “The Great American Farm” (2009).

Gopal is also the co-author of “Good Farmers’ Land: How to Build an Enterprise in the World” (2006).

In an interview with The Hindu, Gompal said he wanted to “reinvent the word” to reflect the changing nature of the farming industry.”

And the idea is to understand the business, how it works, and then you can make your own decisions and make them in a way that benefits your family and the country. “

This is a business.

A farmer has to decide what he is going to do with the money that you give him and what you give to him. “

The land is an extension of your identity and your identity as a farmer, and your own decision to do it on your own is the most important aspect of your life.”

A farmer has to decide what he is going to do with the money that you give him and what you give to him.

He doesn’t need any guidance.

He just decides how much money he will get.

That is the farmer.

The writer has written a series of novels. “

I have no money, I can’t afford to buy the book, but I believe that the writer has a right to say whatever he wants to say.”

The writer has written a series of novels.

The latest book, “Good Farmer’s Book 2”, is set in the Indian state of Gujarat and is expected to be published in India in March 2019.