What we know about the new Holland farm and the future of cell farming

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A new farm in the Netherlands could be the start of a new industry that can boost the world’s food supply while helping to save billions of dollars.

Holland Farm is a new project that is set to produce a food crop and then turn it into cell phones, LED lighting and other consumer products.

“It’s a new field of farming that’s really exciting,” said Peter Hessels, an associate professor of agroecology at the University of Amsterdam.

The new farm is located in the western part of the Netherlands.

It’s being funded by a new Dutch grant, which is set up in partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The Netherlands has the highest number of farms per capita in Europe.

Hessels says this project will be the first farm to be built in the country.

“Hollands Farm is just a prototype for the future,” he said.

The company hopes to eventually produce an entire farm, with about 100,000 hectares of land.

“There will be a total of 200,000 people on the farm, but it will be mostly for the production of food,” said Hesselers.

Hethers said the company has no financial stake in the project.

He hopes to build the farm within a decade, and hopes to have it operational by 2020.

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