How to grow food in India without using pesticides

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Farming is a vital part of India’s food production system, but it is also a huge source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Farming emits about 70% of India ‘s total CO2 emissions, and this has created a problem.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has warned that we are entering a period of “disaster” in India, with the country on track to become the second largest emitter of CO2 after China.

The IUCN has said that a shift to a zero-emissions economy could mean an “extinction of biodiversity and biodiversity conservation” in the country.

With a growing number of farmers turning to organic farming and small-scale cropping, the problem has become more acute.

But how do you avoid getting hit by these emissions?

Al Jazeera’s Alia Jamil reports from Ahmedabad.