What is a farm and what is a plantation?

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Farming, plantations and agriculture are three very different areas.

Agriculture employs a huge number of people and produces an enormous amount of food.

The most important thing about agriculture is the quality of the produce.

Farmers, while using machinery and tools, often make sure that the land is free from weeds, insects and disease, so they can keep their crops healthy and healthy.

But, even though this is important, there are many other factors that affect the quality and quantity of produce.

For example, in order to grow enough food to feed all of the people in the world, the production of food requires a large number of small farms and plantations.

Many people think that the best way to ensure that the food that we eat is healthy and safe is to make sure there is adequate water, so that farmers can grow their crops, and they can make sure the land that they are growing on is free of weeds, pests and disease.

So, how do we get to a better place?

In fact, the idea of farm-to-table, or farm-based, is a very good idea.

It’s not an obvious one.

Farmers tend to be small farmers and don’t have huge numbers of people to work with.

They tend to do the most work when they are young and have the most money.

They are often the most flexible people in a community and can work in many different fields.

There are a lot of different types of farms.

There is a whole range of farms in India and other countries.

There may be a farm with a couple of hundred people, there may be another farm with around 10,000 people, and so on.

It can be very complex.

For instance, there might be a small family farm where there are 10 people and they all work in the fields, and then there may also be a large family farm with more than 100 people and the farmers work in a large greenhouse with multiple rooms and lots of machinery.

There can be farms with just two people working on the same plot, and there can be dozens of such farms spread out across different areas of India.

There’s a huge variety of farms, and it can be difficult to get a good idea of what they all do.

This is why there is so much confusion and so much debate about the best farms for different regions.

In India, for instance, the national food security strategy, which was created by the Indian government in 2008, recommends that all agricultural land should be made available for small farms, which are essentially informal or self-sufficient farms.

However, the government has not yet implemented this recommendation.

This means that farmers are getting very little assistance to manage their land.

If they have small farms where they work in small areas, they might be able to produce food more efficiently, and this would mean that they would be able sell the product at a profit.

But if they have a lot more land where they grow food, then the farm will be able produce more efficiently and produce more food, and that will lead to less food being sold at a higher price.

This, in turn, would reduce the amount of work needed by farmers and reduce the quality, quantity and availability of food, which in turn will lead, in effect, to the rise of poverty in the country.

So what does a good farm do?

One of the best things that can be done to improve the quality is to develop small and medium-sized farms.

Small farms tend to have a low turnover of land and they have very small staff, so there is not a lot to work on.

If a farmer grows vegetables, there’s a very high chance that they will produce vegetables that can sell.

They can also grow tomatoes, onions, lettuce and peppers.

They don’t need to make the effort of transporting the food, because there’s no transport infrastructure.

They also have access to water, which is essential for the health of the land.

There have been some good studies that have been done in other countries, like in the United States and Canada, to find out what works in terms of the quality or quantity of food produced in a farm, and the results have been quite positive.

For one, if you look at how well farms are managing their land, the farmers tend to get more yields, so the amount they produce per hectare is higher.

Also, they have higher yields, and, if the quality goes up, so does the price.

So they get more food at a lower price.

A lot of the problems that farmers face in India are related to poor land management.

In many areas, land management is very poor.

Farmers are usually small, and their families are usually very poor, which means that they do not have access for farming.

They have to rely on loans from people who are farmers, or they can’t farm.

So land is very difficult to manage.

A small farm can take care of itself.

But large farms need the assistance of governments, and these are often large and