What happens to your local farmer when he dies?

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By now you’re probably familiar with the farm crisis.

But what happens when you’ve lost your crop and you don’t know who to blame? 

I’m sorry, but the farmer is not the only one affected by the drought. 

The farmer’s son, the next generation, are the ones who will pay for the losses. 

We all have family farmers in our family, and our children will inherit the legacy.

But what happens to them if they don’t keep their families fed?

And what if they leave the land to their sons and daughters, who are more likely to be illiterate and to suffer the consequences of poor nutrition? 

It’s a terrible situation.

It’s especially difficult when you have to pay the bills on your farm.

Farmers pay for everything, including water, electricity and the rent for the land. 

But how do you pay for what you’ve left behind?

Farmers also have to worry about the damage that will be done to the soil, water and crops.

In the case of drought, the farmers who left are the last people in the world to experience it.

Drought is the only natural disaster that will affect us for centuries.

This article was first published in Wired and is reproduced here with permission.