How to get your degree in agriculture

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Some farmers are taking advantage of the opportunity to get their agriculture degree from universities that specialize in agriculture.

The Washington Post’s Michael Gerson reports.

 The National Association of Agricultural Education Directors has been promoting the agricultural degree program since 2012, when the organization held its annual conference in Baltimore.

According to the association’s website, the program is open to any student who is interested in agriculture and the opportunities offered by a university-based program.

Students can get an agricultural education certificate, or a Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural science from the University of Virginia, or from any of the University Of Maryland’s agricultural programs, according to the National Association.

It also offers courses in animal husbandry, horticulture, and related fields.

To qualify for the program, students must be enrolled in a university or institution that is accredited by the accrediting agency.

In the past, the programs have offered agricultural students the opportunity for a graduate certificate in animal science.

But that is not the case now.

The National Agricultural Education Association said that a number of universities have stopped offering agricultural degrees in the past few years.

“A number of the largest universities have discontinued their agricultural programs over concerns about the cost and lack of accreditation,” the association wrote in a statement.

University of Maryland Extension, for example, stopped offering the degree program in 2013.

The University of Maryland is not alone in having dropped the agricultural program from its list of accredited agricultural programs.

Many colleges and universities have also taken steps to eliminate agricultural programs from their campuses.

A number, including the University at Buffalo and the University The College of Charleston, also have stopped awarding the agricultural programs that were once part of their undergraduate programs.

The university of Delaware also discontinued the program.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.