India’s cotton harvest is up by 3.5%

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The Indian cotton harvest has grown by 3 per cent in March, according to the Indian government’s Agricultural Ministry, and it is expected to hit 6.2 lakh tonnes in June.

Agriculture Minister Radhika Hegde said on Tuesday that the cotton harvest had grown by a third in the past three months as the crop was being planted by farmers in rural areas, where there was less rainfall.

Hegden, who has been in charge of the cotton project since 2013, said the yield of cotton was being boosted because of the rains.

“It is because of rainfall and irrigation.

It is good because it is water-intensive and requires irrigation,” he said.

The yield of India’s national cotton crop is estimated to be around 15 tonnes per hectare, according the ministry.

The minister said that India was expected to reap a total of 12.9 billion kg of cotton this year, which is a rise of about 25 per cent over last year.

The cotton harvest, which starts on March 9, is expected in three phases.

The first phase is for planting the crop at the end of March.

The second phase is to start in April and will last till October.

The third phase is expected later in the year.