Kentucky Agribusiness Extension Office will be renamed to Agriculture Technology Office

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Agriculture Technology and Technology will be the new name of the Kentucky Agriculture Extension Office, a move that was announced Thursday by the office’s executive director.KENTUCKY AGRIBUSINESS EXTENSION OFFICE KATE GILLIAM will be named executive director of the new organization, which will be known as Agriculture Technology Operations.

The name change comes in the wake of the recent news of an incident involving a Kentucky AgriBusiness Extension Office worker who reportedly was caught on camera dragging a chicken into a field and then throwing it to the ground.

The employee was reportedly caught on video dragging a live chicken into an area where it was being transported.

He was not fired for his actions, however, and was allowed to return to work.

The KATE Gilliam Extension Office has already been criticized by some farmers for not doing enough to address the chicken issue.

In December, the Kentucky Farm Bureau said the agency was not doing anything to prevent the bird from being transported and that it was simply waiting for a response from the USDA.KATE GILMORE’S IMAGE: A kiddie kangaroo in the KATE Gilmore photo.

(KATE Gilligan Photography)KATE Gilmartin, who previously worked at the Kentucky Agricultural Extension Service, will serve as the new executive director, according to a news release.

She is the daughter of KATE and Kevin Gilliam.

“I’m thrilled to join the KAET staff at Agriculture Technology, and am proud to join this growing organization,” she said in the news release, adding that she will help the organization “drive innovation in the agriculture sector and improve access to quality farm products, while continuing to support farmers and ranchers.”

Gilmartin has been a longtime advocate for animal welfare and environmental issues, and has been active in local animal advocacy groups.

In her previous job as an attorney at the Office of Legal Counsel, she successfully represented animal welfare groups including Farm Sanctuary and the Farm Sanctuary Foundation.

The Agriculture Technology offices also operates an agriculture science and technology program in Lexington, Kentucky.

The Agriculture Technology Program offers students and graduates a broad range of career opportunities, including business development, financial literacy, and environmental research, according the news news release released Thursday.

In addition to the new office, Agriculture Technology will also be adding two new fields to its portfolio in 2018, including Kentucky’s first farm research facility.KENNEDY COUNTY, Ky.

(AP) Kentucky Agriculture Technology has hired a new executive and a new chief executive officer, as the state announced a $1.9 billion expansion of its operations in 2018.

The announcement Thursday comes just days after Kentucky Gov.

Matt Bevin signed legislation that expands the state’s food safety inspection program, which now includes more than 3,000 inspections across the state.

The expanded program is expected to save consumers $1 billion over the next five years.

The legislation also increases the number of farms in the state from 6,000 to 9,000, while allowing farmers to apply for tax credits that are designed to help them buy land.

The $1,9 billion food safety bill, which Bevin said would make Kentucky the “safest state in America” when it comes to food safety, was approved with bipartisan support and the governor said the new expansion will be a boon to agriculture.

Bevin said the Agriculture Technology Center will be expanding its research capabilities, hiring hundreds of additional people, and providing training and education to help farmers improve the quality of their food.