Japan Agriculture Museum celebrates 100 years of agriculture

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JAPAN Agriculture Museum is celebrating 100 years since opening its doors, marking the first time the museum has been open in Japan.

The museum, known as Yayoi Garden, was built in 1925 to preserve the cultural heritage of Japan and its farming communities.

The exhibition will open on Sunday and run until March 24.

Its collection includes the seeds of rice, the fruit of yam and many other plants and is considered one of the most important in Japan and one of its best-preserved.

The show will feature many of Japan’s top farm and agricultural figures, including the late Hokusai, the founder of the Japanese rice industry.

Yayoi garden in Tokyo, Japan, on February 2, 2020.

JAPANA Bureau photoBy 2020, Yayosi Garden had more than 2,000 plants and an extensive collection of art and books, according to the museum.

The Yayoshi Museum has an estimated 3 million visitors a year.

The first Yayo Garden exhibition in Japan was held in Tokyo in 1923, according the museum’s website.

The Yayoka Garden exhibition opened in Tokyo on February 3, 1924.