How to save $50,000 a year on your farm

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I’m a real estate agent who’s spent my career selling apartments in the city, not homes in the countryside.

In the past decade, I’ve built an entire portfolio of apartments in a single city — and that’s because of sustainable agriculture, an agricultural industry that is sustainable and responsible for the health and sustainability of our environment.

As I look at the impact of agriculture on our food supply and our communities, I realize that the value of a farmer in our society is very, very different than the value that we might think it is.

So I have to think about the impact on our communities and our economy.

And as I’m talking to our neighbors, I also realize that farming is a great source of jobs, as well as food security for a community.

So we want to make sure that we are investing in farmers and their communities, and I’m not alone.

In fact, in my own community, we’ve had so many farmers come out to us to share their experiences and their stories.

I hope that our conversations are as much about the farmer as the farmer is about us.

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