Iowa’s farm economy ‘frozen up’ after drought

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Drought hit Iowa’s agriculture industry hard this summer and it’s not clear whether it’s just a blip or a sign of things to come.

Drought conditions hit the Iowa farmland industry hard in August and September, but the impact is unclear.

That was followed by the state’s largest snowfall since the mid-1930s, which has forced farmers to start buying winter equipment.

The heavy snowfall forced Iowa State University to put the entire university on lockdown in anticipation of a possible lockdown.

Farmers have had to take the lead in stocking up on food and fuel.

They have started to stock up on vegetables and beef products as well.

Some farmers say the winter weather is a blessing.

“It’s kind of been our bread and butter.

We’ve been growing corn and soybeans for so long and we’ve always had good winters,” said Jim Hildebrand, who runs a cattle-based operation in the small town of Westfield.

“The cold weather has made it a lot easier to survive.”

While it’s a blessing to have good weather, some farmers are concerned the lack of rain will slow the economic recovery.

The snow has already cost farmers about $3 million, Hildebrands said.

“We’re not going to make it through this winter.

It’s just too expensive to have a bumper crop.”