A farmer’s farm is his own private zoo

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Farmer Joe Buehler, a New York City resident, has had an eye on his backyard for years.

The 30-year-old’s farm on the Upper West Side is his “little private zoo.”

Buehl is a self-taught artist, and he paints murals on the walls of his home.

He’s known as a farmer’s artist because he uses his land to create art, as well as sell his farm’s produce to local restaurants.

And he’s been doing it for over a decade.

Buehn has been painting for decades, including one on the front door of his farmhouse.

He said it’s a way of letting people know he has something to offer the city.

“When you get the chance to show people that you are a farmer, you’re giving back,” Buehner said.

“I’m not really thinking about myself as a person.

I’m thinking about the animals.”

Bueshler said he’s always wanted to paint, but he never imagined a life of painting on the roof of a home.

“It’s just something that I always wanted,” he said.

Buesher said the murals were created with his son, but the work has been moving since the couple bought their home in 2009.

“We never imagined it would be like this,” he laughed.

“The way it works is, when you get an idea that you want to do something with, you paint on the side of the house,” Bueshner said, pointing to his backyard.

“You know you’ve got something there.

The paint is going to stay there, you just put a little water in it.”

The couple said they’ve always enjoyed working in their backyard, and the mural project was an easy decision for them.

“A couple years ago, I was just in the middle of working on my mural and I’m like, ‘Why can’t I paint here?'”

Joe Bueser said.

He says he started painting in his backyard a few years ago.

“They’re like, do you want a permit?’

I said, ‘No, I just want to paint on my roof.’

And they’re like ‘What?'” he said, referring to the city’s permit system.

“Then I go back to the permit guy and he says, ‘Oh, that’s fine, I’ll just give you a permit.’

And I go, ‘Well, that is, I think, what you wanted.'”

Joe Buerhl said he had the mural in his front yard for years, but it was only recently that the murblings became a hit.

“This is just an amazing thing, to have an art piece on the back of your house and people coming out and buying it,” he added.

“That’s kind of crazy.”

The murals have been hanging on the wall of his house since the beginning of 2015.

He plans to paint more soon.

“At this point, it’s more of a hobby,” Buedhler said.

Joe Buelhler said that, as a father of two, he’s not looking to sell his property anytime soon.

Buelhl has been working on his farm, with the help of his son.

“There’s nothing in the way of the city or the state of New York,” he explained.

“So I’m just trying to help make my own money and hopefully I’ll be able to get into the private market someday.”

Buelhler said he wants to see more people interested in working in his back yard, even if it’s just painting on his porch.

“People have a lot of fun in here, they get a lot out of it,” Buelley said.