When a farmer’s best friend becomes a threat

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By TechCrunch Staff| February 18, 2018 02:12:55One of the world’s biggest agri-businesses, Monsanto, has been hit by a cyber attack.

The company is warning that hackers have broken into its networks and stolen the company’s most valuable data.

According to the company, the data theft is a breach of its proprietary data management system.

The breach involves the theft of the database of Monsanto’s proprietary data systems.

The breach involves data of about 5 million customers.

The company has confirmed that some of the data has been exposed to the public.

The security breach was reported on February 12.

It’s not clear if this data has already been used or is at risk of being used.

The damage has been done, Monsanto said.

The data has now been compromised.

The affected systems will be removed from the network as soon as possible.

It is still unclear how the data was compromised.

This is an internal company matter and we will not be able to provide further details.

The cyber attack on Monsanto comes amid a new round of economic pressures.

The world’s second-largest agri company has been facing increased competition from other players in the food sector.

The food industry has been the target of hackers for some time now, and in recent years, Monsanto has been forced to cut costs.

The hack is not the first time Monsanto has had to pull data from its network.

In October, it was forced to recall millions of its genetically modified seeds.

Monsanto’s shares dropped 4% in early trade on February 16.

The news about the data breach comes a few weeks after a similar cyber attack in the US that targeted an entire company’s IT systems.