Mississippi agriculture, corn crops, corn farmers to boycott

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Farmers in Mississippi will not be planting corn on their land as a protest against the federal government’s proposed restrictions on corn production.

Farmers are asking their state to cease selling the crop, which was one of the top five crops that U.S. farmers used to feed people before it was banned in the 1970s.

They say the restrictions will harm the industry, and their ability to compete with other crops in the region.

Farmer leaders say the decision by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization to classify the crop as an emergency, and by the Agriculture Department to ban corn production in the United States, is unjustified.

They claim it is a move that will hurt the farming community.

Farm groups and members of Congress, including U.D. Senator Lamar Alexander, are meeting Tuesday in Washington to discuss the matter.

The U.C. Davis Center for Food Security and Environment has been organizing the protest, and it is organizing more protests across the U, including in the U’s southernmost counties.

We are very grateful for the leadership of our colleagues at the UCD, we will continue to fight for our agriculture in Mississippi, said CFO of the Mississippi Farm Bureau, Jeff Buss.

The U.B. of Agriculture said in a statement Tuesday that the new crop classification would make it harder for farmers to get marketable crops.

It noted that UCD is the first county in Mississippi to be declared an emergency crop.