When China Agriculture is Becoming a Goldmine for Cryptocurrencies

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Chinese agriculture is becoming a goldmine for crypto-currencies.

According to research from Coinmarketcap, China is the largest exporter of commodities in the world, and its agricultural output is forecast to increase by a staggering 1.2 percent per year.

China also produces more than 10 percent of the world’s food, and according to a recent report, it consumes almost half of the globe’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The country also has a burgeoning digital economy that is already one of the most advanced in the planet.

The country is now seeing a boom in blockchain technology, which has been around for over a decade.

The growth in the sector has been fueled by China’s massive agricultural footprint.

China’s agricultural sector, which employs over 4 million people, is estimated to produce nearly 2.5 trillion yuan ($4.2 trillion) worth of agricultural products annually.

By 2020, it will be producing enough food to feed the entire population of China for a month.

China has one of Asia’s largest agricultural sectors, with nearly one-third of the population.

With the country’s agricultural output expected to rise by 1.3 percent per annum, it is likely that it will become a more lucrative commodity for investors.

The value of the crop will rise, which means more capital will be available to buy.

In addition, the price of the commodities will increase as well.

According to the China Agricultural Exchange Association, the cost of producing a pound of rice in China currently costs about $0.65 USD.

In 2017, the country imported about $1.3 trillion worth of rice, and by 2020, the figure is expected to reach $1 trillion.

Investors in China are looking for value.

China is looking to expand its agricultural sector to more and more countries.

The sector has a long history of growth and is expected be growing at a rate of around 7.7 percent annually in the coming years.

The government has also launched a nationwide pilot project for agricultural production, where the country aims to produce 10 billion yuan ($150 billion) worth per year in 2020.

The expansion of the sector is also a good indicator for the future of the Chinese economy.

The agriculture sector has the potential to provide employment to many workers in the future, which will in turn create economic opportunities for the country.

The rapid growth of the agricultural sector is a sign of China’s success in the agricultural economy, and the country is looking for the same to come for other industries.