How the USDA is trying to take over the American farm

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Farm workers have a history of being a political force in the United States.

As part of a new initiative, USDA officials are targeting farm workers for surveillance, including by using cameras to track their movements.

The program, dubbed the Agricultural Inspection Station Program, will use cameras installed in farmers’ fields to monitor workers in fields across the country.

It has received little public attention, but in fact the USDA has used this program to surveil hundreds of thousands of farm workers in recent years.

In fact, it has been used extensively by the USDA to spy on people who work on their land, according to The Daily Beast.

The Agriculture Department recently issued a new program called Farm Surveillance that will allow it to use surveillance cameras to watch the workers of the agribusiness giant Dow AgroSciences, which employs hundreds of millions of people.

The surveillance cameras will be set up in Dow’s facilities and in the fields surrounding it, according a USDA release.

The cameras will also track the workers’ movements.

Dow is one of the largest agribusto operations in the country, and the company is known for using the surveillance cameras in its fields to spy, record, and document the movements of its workers.

This program will be used to track the movements and movements of hundreds of hundreds more people in fields throughout the country in a similar fashion.

The USDA is hoping that the program will give them the ability to gather data on workers’ activities and to identify and target people who may pose a threat to the agri-food industry.

The new program will only be implemented on the farm.

The agency has already received a $7.5 million grant from the Agriculture Department to start the program, and has already set up two surveillance cameras that will be placed on a farm in northern Virginia.

The department says the cameras will allow the government to monitor the movement of workers and their families in fields where workers have been deployed to, and to track who may be participating in illegal activities.

According to a report by The New York Times, the government is planning to purchase $300 million worth of surveillance equipment to spy from farms in the U.S. that do not have cameras on their property.

The DHS has already purchased surveillance equipment from Monsanto, according the report.

This surveillance equipment was used by the DHS in 2015 to monitor and record the movements in the field for more than two weeks.

The government has also used surveillance cameras at the USDA’s facility in Horseshoe Bend, Georgia.

In May, the USDA announced that it would begin installing surveillance cameras on farms owned by Tyson Foods in Iowa and other states to help the agency identify and track farmers who have been arrested for allegedly violating farm-trafficking laws.

Tyson Foods, which makes meat products, has been accused of violating the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, as well as other U.N. trade and agricultural agreements.

It was also the target of a U.K. court order to stop using surveillance cameras installed on the U-Haul trucking company’s farm.

This latest surveillance program is expected to be completed by October, according The New England Journal of Medicine.

It is unclear how many farmers have been monitored by the program.

But it is expected that the government will use this information to track those farmers who are accused of trafficking in endangered species, according To the New York Post.