When will we know the cost of the new GMO crop?

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A new crop has been approved for commercial planting in the United States, but farmers are concerned it could increase the price of their crop.

The plant, the first genetically engineered grain to be used commercially, is a genetically modified cotton, but it is also an insecticide-resistant corn, and its introduction could lead to a rise in the cost for many farmers, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The department said it was concerned the crop would cause a “significant impact” on farm prices, but didn’t provide specifics.

“It could have a significant impact on farmers’ ability to afford crops,” said the department’s press secretary, Mark Barden.

Farmers say the crop is a boon for the country’s agricultural industry, which depends on cheap cotton for a variety of crops.

It is the first GMO crop to be approved in the U, and growers say the plant could reduce their reliance on cotton.

But the U is one of several countries that are considering banning the crop, which the World Health Organization considers a threat to public health.

The American Farm Bureau Federation has called for the USDA to remove the genetically modified crop from the U’s list of approved commodities.

The federation says the crop will make it more difficult for the world’s third-largest economy to compete with countries like Canada and the U.-Korea Free Trade Agreement, which bans GMOs in some countries.

A spokesman for the farm group, Jim Stumpf, said the U-Korea deal is a “massive setback” for the United State’s farmers and is the biggest barrier to GM crops being planted in the country.

“If it’s a GMO that’s safe, it’s been approved in other countries.

And if it’s not, it should be banned,” he said.