‘The Most Beautiful Place on Earth’

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IOWA CITY, Iowa — A state agency has found a farm in Iowa that grows the most beautiful place on Earth.

State Natural Resources Commissioner Steve Ritter said his agency has identified a dairy farm on the banks of the Iowa River in western Iowa as a world-class breeding ground for dairy cattle.

He said the state is working with the dairy industry to create an educational program that will help farmers and ranchers get the message out to their communities that their animals are healthy and beautiful.

The USDA and the Iowa Dairy Research Institute are working together to develop a video and educational campaign that will feature dairy farms around the country and the United States and the world, Ritter told reporters Tuesday.

The campaign will focus on the science and technology of dairy, as well as the quality of the animals, he said.

The video and the educational materials will be created and produced by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and a team of Iowa-based designers, producers and photographers.

It is expected to launch in the spring.

The farm is in the Cedar Valley area and has about 30 cows, Ritters said.

They are about one and a half years old.

The farm produces milk and cheese and sells it at local stores and at farmers markets, he added.