How GMOs may be saving America’s corn, soy, and cotton

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The American food supply may be going extinct in the coming decades.

That’s according to the latest report by the US Department of Agriculture.

The USDA report, released Wednesday, also shows that American corn production has fallen by 10% in the past decade.

That includes a 20% drop in the corn crop, according to USDA.

The report also found that soybeans production has also been decimated.

That means a significant portion of US soybean production is now gone.

The US Department said the corn decline is the result of “genetically modified crops” being grown in areas where they are not suitable.

Genetically modified (GM) crops, or GMOs, are plants that have been engineered to produce a variety of traits, which can then be bred and bred again to produce new varieties.

Some GMOs are produced on the farm, others in the lab.

But many are produced at the farm by large corporations and are sold in supermarkets.

The decline in US corn production comes as the US corn industry is facing pressure to shift away from traditional, high-yielding varieties and towards more sustainable crops.

Last year, US corn farmers planted only 7.5 million acres of corn, down from more than 17 million acres in 2010.

US farmers have been pushing to save more land, but the Department of Agri-Food and Agriculture (USDA) says there is no reason for farmers to stop growing corn.

In its report, the USDA said that in 2020, the US had only enough land for 8.6 million acres.

By 2060, the report said, the number of acres available to grow corn would be “just shy of 7.9 million acres.”

It is the third consecutive year that the US has not been able to grow enough corn to meet growing demand.

Last year, the Corn Belt experienced a record-high corn crop that was down 40% from last year.

The USDA reported that in 2019, the corn harvest was the largest ever recorded in the United States.

In the past year, it has also suffered from drought in the Midwest and the Great Plains, which have experienced record heat and drought conditions in recent years.

The drought is forcing farmers to use up a lot of water, which in turn is drying out their fields.

It also means that farmers are having to invest in new irrigation equipment and pumping stations to keep up with demand.

The Department of Agriculturally engineered crops have been widely used for food production in the US, but they are now also being used for agriculture.

The report also said that a number of genetically modified crops are being used in the production of ethanol.

The new report said that the use of GMOs in agriculture has been a key driver of global food security.

It says the use is now increasing as “the demand for grain from the US increases dramatically and it is increasingly expensive for farmers not to use traditional crop varieties.”

The report says that in 2021, the world is projected to produce approximately 2.6 trillion pounds of food, which would represent an annual increase of 1.4% in food production.

That figure is set to double by 2050.