New York agriculture: Farmworkers strike to win new farmworkers contract

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Farming has been one of the few professions where unionizing has been a popular strategy for activists seeking to win wage and working conditions protections, as unionization rates are low and many industries have been privatized.

The National Labor Relations Board, which regulates unions in the U.S., recently struck down a union-backed ballot initiative in New York State that sought to unionize farmworkers.

The agency’s ruling said that the ballot measure violated the U,S.

Constitution and federal labor laws, which prohibit the government from forcing workers to pay dues or accept union contracts.

The farmworkers strike, the largest in the nation, is part of the nationwide labor movement that has gained momentum in recent years as more than 10 million workers joined unions in 2012.

Last month, farmers across the country went on strike over a proposed $2.5 billion pay hike for farmworkers, the highest increase in a decade.

Farmworkers, who make up about a third of the U to farm workforce, have been at the forefront of the push to unionized.

But the strikes have been met with opposition by business groups, who say farmworkers are being paid more than other workers.

A union campaign to unionization in New Mexico, which includes nearly 200,000 farmworkers and is the largest agricultural workforce in the state, had to back down after being caught red-handed by the Trump administration in late 2017, according to the Albuquerque Journal.

The administration blocked the union effort, citing a law passed in 2014 requiring farmers to have at least a one-third farmworker representation.