How to use a robotic farm to improve the quality of your food

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The farming robot is about to get a big update, and it’s about to be one of the biggest.

The first industrial-scale robotic farm is scheduled to be delivered by 2021, and the next one will be on the market by 2025.

The robots that will be used to grow, process, and harvest food on farms and in grocery stores will be able to walk the same streets of warehouses, and can take care of everything from harvesting fruit and vegetables to preparing and cooking.

“It’s the most advanced industrial agriculture technology available in the world, and has a tremendous impact on the environment,” said Jason S. Smith, vice president of agricultural technology at General Electric, in a press release.

The new machines will be equipped with a laser scanner, which can detect a variety of nutrients, such as nitrogen, and a variety to detect bacteria and viruses, according to GE.

They will also have cameras, sensors, and an autonomous robot that can monitor the crops to prevent any contamination, according the company.

The industrial-sized robots will be about the size of a refrigerator and can carry up to 100 pounds, or more than 100,000 pounds, according General Electric.

The GE robots are already making a difference in the way we farm, but the new technology could be just as beneficial for our food.

“The industrial farm is one of our top 10 priorities, and as it becomes more efficient, it is a natural fit for our farm system,” Smith said in the release.

“This technology will help the farm system produce more nutritious food for our customers.”

It’s not just the new robots that GE is investing in.

The company is also developing a hybrid robot called the Eureka, which will be capable of harvesting fruits and vegetables, cooking them, and selling them to supermarkets and restaurants.

The robot is also designed to be used in agriculture by farmers who have trouble finding the right plants to grow.

“We have a very broad range of products that are grown using GE technology.

The Eureky is designed to meet these needs,” General Electric said in a release.