How to get the most out of your food in 2018

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Agri-tech drones have been flying over New York City and Los Angeles, and there’s been a steady increase in drone sightings in recent months.

The latest numbers show the number of drones spotted by the city’s Police Department has nearly doubled since October, according to a report from the New York Times.

There were 8,091 sightings in the month of October, compared to 6,068 in October 2016.

The number of drone sightings increased by more than 7,000 per month during the same time period.

But the number also increased in the same month of 2017, when there were just 7,097 reported drone sightings.

The report also notes that the number rose by an estimated 2,200 per month from December to January, a trend that could be due to the growing popularity of the drones.

The NYPD says that the drone sightings increase the department’s awareness of the issue, which has also spurred the NYPD to use drone surveillance equipment to help identify suspected criminals.